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Wemyss Ware

Wemyss Ware was first produced in the 1880s by the Fife Pottery of Kirkcaldy under the auspices of the owner Robert Methven Heron. Named after the Wemyss family of nearby Wemyss Castle who were early patrons, pieces were mainly decorated with flowers, fruit, insects, birds and animals. Under the artistic direction of chief decorator Karel Nekola, the distinctive Wemyss style developed. After his death in 1915, Edwin Sandland was appointed chief decorator and when he died in 1928, Karel's son Joseph Nekola was appointed. The pottery closed in 1930 and Joe moved to the Bovey Pottery Company of Bovey Tracey in Devon who had bought the Wemyss Ware rights and moulds. In the 1930's Jan Plichta became sole agent for the wares until production ceased in 1952.

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