Royal Doulton Art Nouveau Gibson Girl 'A Widow and Her Friends' Series Rack Plate c1903 #5

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A rare Royal Doulton Gibson Girl  "A Widow and Her Friends" series ware rack plate. There are 24 identified scenes in the series and this particular plate features scene 10 titled "Mrs. Diggs is alarmed at discovering what she imagines to be a snare that threatens the safety of her only child. Mr. Diggs does not share his wife's anxiety". The scene is a black and white print of an illustration by the famous American illustrator Charles Dana Gibson and bears his facsimile signature together with the title and copyright 1900 by Life Publishing Co. The border has a very decorative blue and white art nouveau leaf / foliate design. A superb early Doulton plate from a very collectable series and in excellent condition. Some mild crazing, though nothing to detract. On the reverse is the Royal Doulton Lion backstamp in blue with impressed date for 1903. Diameter 26.25cm (10.4 in) 

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